A downloadable game

Enter the world of Slayzers and experience the sport of the future. Contestant's must dip, dodge, and roll to avoid the laser fired off at the beginning of the round. With each bounce against the arena components the laser increases in speed, which in turn increases the rate of score increase, but keep in mind that a faster laser makes it more difficult to hit the apple on your head and getting a score multiplier. Play through various arenas that increase in geometric complexity, and try to get the highest score to become the Slayzers champion!

Developed for a Casual Game Development course at the University of Central Florida by:

- Jacob Galoci | Twitter - @jagaloci

- Justin Moser

- Noah Hunter

- Keanu Kia

- Nathan Samoranski

Install instructions

Built in Unity, Windows and Mac OS X versions x32 and x64 are available.


Slayzers_Windows.zip 41 MB
Slayzers_Mac OS X.zip 44 MB